Capcom Wants to Know if You are Interested in Another Resident Evil Remakes

Resident Evil

As you can imagine, Capcom wants to continue the hot streak and to do so it is looking to listen to the fans. As proof, we have that recently they sent a survey to fans in which they seek to discover if they are interested in more remakes of Resident Evil series.

In the Resident Evil- focused survey, Capcom shares 2 main questions. In one of them, it asks fans if they would like to buy a new remake of a Resident Evil. That’s not all since it also asks them if they would be interested in a sequel to Resident Evil.

It’s worth mentioning that Capcom never asks what remake fans want to see. That is, the company does not advance such plans and only seeks to know what their followers prefer in the future. Resident Evil 3 Remake barely debuted last week, and so it’s normal that the company isn’t quite ready to reveal what’s next for the franchise yet. That said, an informant might have revealed something to us that he doesn’t expect in the near future.

What happened is that a reliable source on issues related to Resident Evil mentioned that Capcom is working on a new installment of Resident Evil, which started its development as Revelations 3, but that will debut as the eighth main installment of the series.

Something that draws attention is that the source assures that it will be a controversial game. Of course, he also mentions that it is a high-quality game, so he invited fans of the series to be open-minded. It is worth mentioning that, although rumors assure that Capcom has plans for another remake, fans should not expect it to be from Code Veronica or Dino Crisis.

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And what do you expect from the future of Resident Evil? Tell us in the comments below.

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