Batman: Arkham Origins Dev Thanks Fans for Showing Enthusiasm for Their “Next Project”

Batman Arkham Origins

It has been so many months now rumors about a new Batman video game started making noise on different fronts. After all the recent history of the franchise, built from Batman: Arkham, Rocksteady series, is enough justification for the title. Until now, it is thought that Warner Bros. Montreal is in charge of a new Batman video game and although there are clues that indicate this and made us think of an early revelation, the result is that we will have to wait a little longer.

Batman: Arkham Origins Dev Thanks Fans for Showing Enthusiasm for Their “Next Project”

After reports emerged in the midst of the emergency by COVID-19 indicated that Warner Bros. was preparing a conference at E3 2020 and in it, the new Batman video game would be presented. It was thought that the project would be presented in another way, such as other companies have done or plans to do it. Obviously the path indicated that something could be done online, but nothing was made official. However, today the official Warner Bros. Montreal account used its Twitter account to express something, but it is not what fans expected.

The development team posted that it is supposedly in charge of the new Batman game and thanks fans for their enthusiasm for the upcoming project. However, it later points out that this information channel will be dedicated to showing what happens in the studio. In particular information and content about those who make it up and their passion for video games.

For obvious reasons, fans viewed this post as an indication that the reveal of the new Batman game is still a long way off and it is very difficult for Warner Bros. Montreal or the team in charge of that project to show anything in the coming months.

Despite this, there are enough reasons to maintain the hype, such as the fact that there is talk about a huge world for the next Batman game, its relationship with the events of The Court of Owls.

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